Darite Heritage

Darite Heritage is an organisation based at Darite, UK whose aims are to promote research and undertake projects about the history and environment of the Darite locality. We want to help raise local awareness, make our results available to the public and provide resources to help people pursue these interests.

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Contact and membership
How to contact us and join in.
How we are governed, constitution, committee meeting notices and minutes.
Research sources, bibliography and useful web sites.

Below are some organisations with whom we have some association.

Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project
A project out of Cornwall Council that aims to conserve and improve the appreciation and enjoyment of our area. It fosters the creation of groups like ours to make this activity sustainable and its help to get us going has been extremely valuable. It provides us with some resources and part of its funding comes from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Launceston Parish Wildlife Group
A group supported by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. We are setting up a St Cleer Parish section of this group and will use this as our focus for wildlife recording.
Darite primary school
We work with the school on various projects.
Darite village
The village has a lively social life which influences the flavour of some of our projects!


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