Darite Heritage AGM, 2011-09-20

Minutes of the Darite Heritage AGM, held at the Darite village hall on 2011-09-20 at 19:00 BST. Readership is public.

Present: Andy Robinson, CHAHP manager, some local residents and people who have been active in setting up the organisation.

Display boards from the recent "Hard Rock Life" exhibition were shown, populated with additional material from our recent Nature Trail event.

Committee members and officers were proposed and voted in:

Peter Jackson        Equipment manager
Howard Jones
Debbie Rowan         Treasurer
Alan Silverstone
Martin Shead
Rebecca Ross         Secretary
Sherry Foreman
Michael Foreman

The committee then adopted and signed the Constitution.

Some more people arrived after these proceedings had taken place.

Peter gave a presentation about some of the CHAHP events that have taken place in the past year and their possible relevance to future activities of Darite Heritage.

Then there was discussion about possible future projects. In addition to the existing ideas there might also be interest in a Mushroom walk.

Other issues arising:
Can we now get access to OS mapping data to complete the display board project? Andy will pursue that when he gets to the office again next week. PNJ will mail him with a reminder.

Himalayan Balsam at Tremar:
Howard observes that the manual clearance hasn't been sufficient to remove it so should more be done? Action: To be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Liability insurance: Andy will talk to us about that sometime in the future.

Andy said that Alec Kendall has been down recently and has discovered more information about the railways, including more information about exactly what happened to the tracks.

After a break, Andy Robinson gave an ad hoc talk with images on the work being done at Holmans and ideas being considered for the Gonamena valley.


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  1. PNJ, 2011-10-13. Transcribed from notes.
  2. PNJ, 2011-10-20. Approved at committee meeting of 2011-10-18.
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