Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at the Darite village hall on 2011-10-18 at 19:30 BST. Readership is public. This document was approved at the committee meeting of 2011-11-15.

Jane Uglow           (CHAHP)
Peter Jackson        (Acting chair)
Debbie Rowan
Alan Silverstone
Martin Shead


Howard Jones, Rebecca Ross, Sherry Foreman, Michael Foreman

Minutes from 2011-09-20 were approved.

Bank account

Debbie agreed to research a suitable bank and open an account for us. Something with ethical policies would be preferred if practical. We may need to make a small contribution to start it.

The bank account must exist if we are to receive any funding from CHAHP. They cannot raise a Purchase Order for us otherwise.

Action: Debbie


Our publicity is probably not reaching everyone who would be interested in our activities. Jane indicated that CHAHP itself is in a similar situation. Noticeboards are not fully utilised, partly because it is labour intensive. Groups and CHAHP could interwork more to spread information.

Alan and Debbie both have access to laminators. Agreed that in future we will ensure that circulated notices from CHAHP are printed, laminated and posted on local noticeboards.

Alan said that he does leaflet drops for his business and will sponsor additional leaflets for our publicity going out with his material.

We should also make use of the school "satchel post".

The display boards we borrowed for the DH nature trail event have proved to be very useful. Agreed that we should take steps to have them available again and see whether we should buy our own or if a set from CHAHP can be deployed when needed.

We should take advantage of and support the forthcoming Hedge Week events and produce leaflets and business card style material which can be handed out, particularly at the Morrisons exhibition on 2011-10-26 and the hedge walk on 2011-10-29. Perhaps we could contribute something to the actual Morrisons display?

Martin agreed to prepare some material to be handed out.

Action: Martin

Display board

This is still awaiting OS mapping data. Jane said that there is still likely to be a charge payable to OS for us to use it. It may be of the order of £35. We need to establish a process for using OS material. Debbie said that they use OS material at her work and she will investigate what we need to do to use it.

We have two requirements:

  1. A specific need to display a small section of an OS map as part of the display board;
  2. A general need to be able to use OS maps as part of our published documentation.

Jane said that the costs involved in establishing this as well as other costs associated with the display board can be claimed from CHAHP. We need to list these costs and send them to Iain Rowe who can then start the process of raising a Purchase Order for the money once we have the bank details.

Action: Debbie (OS process and costs)
Action: Howard (other costs)

Future events

It is important that we build up a schedule to maintain momentum and we should do something publicly before the end of the year.

Discussion homed in on Saturday 2011-11-19 to have an exhibition event featuring old local photographs and other memorabilia and a talk about the area, past and present [David Hamley?]. Provide refreshments.

This may include a competition for drawings that we might use in future publicity or convert to a logo for us.

Action: All - to organise this.

We have a growing list of ideas for future activities. Some of them are seasonal and need to be scheduled at appropriate times.

We should try to align these things with other village activities and those of other heritage groups with whom we should maintain communication and interworking for critical mass.

Jane suggested that for the next nature trail event we could provide paper plates and adhesive tape for children to make displays of leaves and similar material that they find.

Himalayan Balsalm [2]

This issue was originally raised by Howard at the AGM. Martin said that the point he wanted to develop was that the efforts led by Derris at Tremar haven't been totally successful and perhaps as a group we can work with Derris to put together a plan to assist. For example, organise a barbecue or something as a prelude to going down to pull plants.

Combine it with a village hall event, perhaps with a fun competition to involve local children.

Derris will be talking about this issue as part of Jane's walk on 2011-10-29.

This is another date we could fix for next year, sometime in June/July.

Next meetings

On 2011-11-01 there is to be a Caradon Hill area Partnerhip Team meeting ("PPG" - Project Planning Group) at our village hall from 19:00 to 22:00. We should attend this.

Action: Jane to send us more details.

The next DH committee meeting will be on 2011-11-15 at 19:30, to be chaired by Martin.


1 Biosphere 2
A large biosphere now owned by the University of Arizona. See its official website and Wikipedia entry.
2 Himalayan Balsalm
An invasive plant that has colonised parts of Tremar. See Wikipedia entry.


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  1. PNJ, 2011-10-20. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting.
  2. PNJ, 2011-11-21. Noted approval of these minutes.
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