Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Darite village hall on 2012-01-17 at 19:30. Readership is public. This document was approved by the committee on 2012-02-21.

Peter Jackson        (Acting chair)
Debbie Rowan
Martin Shead
Rebecca Ross
Howard Jones
Alan Silverstone

Minutes from 2011-12-20 were approved.

Matters arising

Bank account

Paperwork to open an account has been submitted to the bank but some of it has been queried and requires resubmission. They also requested an estimated turnover which we agreed to state as £500 — which is the average of what we expect.

Action: DR to pursue.

Ordnance Survey licence

PNJ has obtained information from the OS about what licenses we may need. For mapping on the web site we will probably be covered under the OpenData product agreements, though there is also a publishing licence that costs £47.50. If we buy a map we don't need to pay extra to display it and we could have a bespoke 1:10,000 map printed to our specifications. There are at least 3 companies who can do this for us.

Action: PNJ to send details of these to Howard.


PNJ has attended a Cornish Archive Network meeting and will visit the Cornwall Records Office in February. The purpose of this activity is to learn about good practises to follow for archiving our own material.

PNJ participated in part of Tony Atkinson's Bat survey.

There will be a Monument Watch meeting at Darite on 2012-02-09 — convenient for anyone else in Darite who would like to get involved.

CHAHP are offering help with walks and talks this year - tell them what speakers we may want. Calum Beeston is likely to be available and we could invite him to give a Gonamena valley geology talk.

CHAHP will be running their annual landscape celebration event this year on the theme of "Settlements". They will have an exhibition in Stuart House during the last week in June and the first week in July, after which it will go on tour. We could add something to this exhibition (perhaps in conjunction with the school?) and CHAHP will pay any costs involved if they are notified in advance.

There is likely to be another "Hedge week" later in the year.

We should be able to obtain from CHAHP a small float to cover things like speaker expenses, once we have our bank account.

Projects status

Quiz night

Nothing to report as yet. Publicity can be integrated with village events. Those involved will meet on 2012-02-04 to make plans.

Action: RR.

Display board

Howard confirmed that the project is beneath the need to seek planning permission and will be covered by hall insurance.


Do we wish to ask for any training from CHAHP? Options include First Aid, running finances, how to apply for funding, risk assessment. The consensus was that none of this was specifically needed. Martin is already engaged with funding issues, Debbie is well qualified as our treasurer.

For risk assessments, Howard has expertise and access to paperwork and can construct a disclaimer for people to sign on activities that require it.

Action: HJ to construct the disclaimer form.

Events calendar

We attempted to pin down some dates, even if some may have to change later.
Frog spawn
Too soon to fix a date, which depends on how the weather behaves.
Biosphere 2
Uncertain, but suggest Friday evening 2012-05-18.
Balsalm event
Scheduled for 2012-05-26 - 2012-05-27.
Bee hive visit
Tentative date - Sunday afternoon, 2012-06-24. To be followed by lunch at the pub.

Action: RR to arrange with Dave and Linda.

Mine talk + walk
Tentatively 2012-08-05
Holmans illustrated walk
Saturday 2012-09-09.

Action: RR talk to Julia about it. Bal maidens etc.

Tuesday evening 2012-09-18.
Mushroom foraging
Suggested by Debbie, possibly somewhen in 2012-10. This will require the services of a fungus expert.


Please remember to send hours to RR at the end of each month.

Shafts at the side of Gonamena valley will soon need repair. Agreed that lockable grilles on these would be ideal, so that access is possible.

Next meeting

The next DH committee meeting will be on 2012-02-21 at 19:30, to be chaired by PNJ.


This document is maintained by members of the Darite community. Comments are always welcome and should be addressed to heritage at darite dot org dot uk.
  1. PNJ, 2011-12-27. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting.
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