Darite Heritage committee,

Transcribed from notes made at the meeting by RR.

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Darite village hall on 2012-06-19 at 19:00 BST. Readership is public. This document was approved at the committee meeting of 2012-07-17.

Howard Jones
Martin Shead
Debbie Rowan
Rebecca Ross
Alan Silverstone
(Iain Rowe at the start of the meeting to discuss the display boards)
[who was chair?]
Peter Jackson
Sherry Foreman
Michael Foreman

Balsalm feedback

Peter has recorded hours to be added to monthly record.


Beehive visit

Beehive visit is on Sunday 24th June 2012. Twelve people are attending so far. For safety reason there will be a briefing at the hall before going to the site. There will be a check to see that no one has an allergy to bees. Anyone going close to the hive will wear protective clothing which is provided. People attending have been asked not to wear perfume.

Arrangements are as follows – 11am half an hour talk in the hall (Linda will bring a projector and screen), walk to Minions to see the hives. 1pm pub lunch. Posters have been distributed but anyone attending has been asked to contact Becky by Wednesday 20th June as numbers are restricted.

Landscape Celebration

'Village People' displays are completed by Howard.

Alan has been asked to collect pictures of carnival floats and Becky will find pictures from the family event in September.

Martin and Howard will set up the boards at Stuart House on Monday after 5.30pm. A date to host the display is still to be set by Iain Rowe.

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 Presentation – no confirmation of a date yet.

Next meeting

The next DH committee meeting will be on 2012-07-17 at 19:30 BST.

Any other business


Hours to date for June:
Becky Bee event preparation
Meeting 17.6.12
2 hours
2 hours
1 hour
Howard Display preparation for exhibition
Meeting 17.6.12
10 hours
2 hours
Martin Display preparation for exhibition
Meeting 17.6.12
2 hours
2 hours
DebbieMeeting 17.6.122 hours
AlanMeeting 17.6.122 hours


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  1. RR, 2012-06-19. Made at the meeting in DOCX format.
  2. PNJ, 2012-07-12. Transcribed from above. Additional commentary added in square brackets [thus].

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