Darite Heritage committee,

Transcribed from notes made at the meeting by RR.

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Darite village hall on 2012-07-17 at 19:30 BST. Readership is public. This document was approved by the committee on 2012-08-21.

Peter Jackson  (Chair)
Howard Jones
Martin Shead
Debbie Rowan
Rebecca Ross
Alan Silverstone
Michael Foreman
Sherry Foreman

Minutes accepted from April and June.

Matters arising covered in agenda.

Recent events

Bee event was discussed and all agreed that it was a successful event.

Village People Exhibition was also a success and many said the Darite Heritage contribution was a good addition to the event.

Peter noted that there should have been better advertising for the event in Darite and the exhibition should be rescheduled – a provisional date is set for 1st September 2012. The exhibition will then continue at the Liskeard show the following week.

[But note that this date conflicts with the Garden Produce Fayre.]


Biosphere 2 project is now on hold.

Mushroom Forage to be arranged.

AGM Tuesday 11th18th September 2012 7.30pm.

Future projects

Discussed the future of DH – in what capacity could it continue as? Would this combine with current village events? Concerns amongst the group regarding the Gonamena Valley. There are strong views that nothing is being done to protect the valley and there needs to negotiation with CHAHP to do something about it.

Funds for the group are not forthcoming from CHAHP and there needs to be a specific focus to put forward. It has been decided by the group that the dressing floor will be focused on whether directly through English Heritage or CHAHP.

Action – Correspondence regarding this matter (emails and photographs etc) between CHAHP and DH are to be collated for further action.

Peter and Becky to meet on Wednesday 25th July to draft a letter.

Next meeting

Tuesday 21st August. To be chaired by Howard.

Any other business



Hours to date for July:
Becky Committee meeting 1.5
Howard Village people display - prep and meeting
Committee meeting
Martin Village people display - prep and meeting
Committee meeting
DebbieCommittee meeting1.5
Alan Committee meeting
Internet research
Peter Exhibition - Village People
Packing Exhibition
Committee meeting
Cornish Archive Network
SherryCommittee meeting2
Michael Village people display - prep and meeting
Committee meeting


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