Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Darite village hall on 2012-08-21 at 19:30 BST. Readership is public. This document was approved at the AGM on 2012-09-18.

Howard Jones   (Chair)
Peter Jackson
Martin Shead
Debbie Rowan
Alan Silverstone
Rebecca Ross

Minutes accepted from July with the amendment that the AGM will be on the 18th, not the 11th.

CHAHP PPG report

PNJ attended this meeting at Stuart House on 2012-08-14 and described the key points of it:

Comments about this were:

Gonamena valley

A discussion about the stream wall and the response to our letter.

Action:PNJ to respond to this effect.

The discussion sparked some good ideas about work we might suggest CHAHP could undertake:

Action:PNJ to communicate suggestions to CHAHP.


Fungus walk

Sometime in mid-October. Requires a specialist. We could prepare mushroom soup for afterwards and charge for that.

Action: PNJ to try and contact a fungus specialist who could lead a walk.


Ask CHAHP to publish it on their web site and request a presentation from them about works at South Caradon and CHAHP in general.

Arrange for part of the Village People exhibition to be set up in the hall.

Action: PNJ.

Ask Lisa to mention on Darite Facebook.
Action: MS.

Next meeting

Tuesday 2012-09-18 - the AGM. To be chaired by PNJ.


Specifically mentioned:
2 hours research by AS.
All spent of the order of 2 hours reviewing/drafting letters.

This meeting closed at 21:00 BST.

Any other business

AS described what he knew about a planning application for perhaps 12 or 15 low cost houses which falls on an area that is part of the course of the railway. This is a pre-application and doesn't state what the total development size will be. Should we lodge an objection on the basis that the site has world heritage status and the plans don't account for that?

Action: AS to find out how DH can register an interest.

There are other grounds for concern besides the above. Village size and vehicle hazzards were mentioned. [But they fall outside the scope of the DH Constitution. - PNJ]

This discussion also raised the concern that Darite has no designated green space. It seems desirable to ensure that the school field should be given Village Green status. This would be done via the Parish Council.

Action: MS to discuss with Derris Watson.


This document is maintained by members of the Darite community. Comments are always welcome and should be addressed to heritage at darite dot org dot uk.
  1. PNJ, 2012-08-31. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting. Additional commentary added in square brackets [thus].
  2. PNJ, 2012-11-16. Register approval at the AGM.

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