Darite Heritage AGM,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage AGM held at Darite village hall on 2012-09-18 at 19:30 BST. Readership is public. This document was approved at the committee meeting on 2012-11-20.

Howard Jones
Peter Jackson (Chair)
Martin Shead
Debbie Rowan
Iain Rowe (CHAHP)
Michael Foreman
Sherry Foreman
Rebecca Ross
Alan Silverstone

Minutes from August were accepted.

Treasurer's report

Debbie reported that our funds amount to £62.25. This is from profits made from the heritage quiz night and from the earlier history day.

Activity report and presentations

Darite Heritage

Peter gave an illustrated presentation about the year's activities by Darite Heritage. In summary, this was:


Iain Rowe gave a report about the CHAHP status.

The Village People project was successful. It consolidated a lot of work by schools and different groups that the CHAHP has spawned. Use of CHAHP resources by schools varys. Hillfort School uses them a lot. Darite school could possibly use more. Presentations organised by CHAHP have been given to at least 4000 children in the area.

The CHAHP web site is less useful than it could be. Administrative support for it was withdrawn in November when the CHAHP as a whole was moved to be under the historic environment service. An additional impediment to the CHAHP has been due to teething problems in the new council purchasing system. This hasn't yet been resolved, but it is hoped that a new accountant will soon provide expertise to operate the system effectively.

There's been a management change. Jane Gorst is a new programme manager appointed by HL with Steve Woods managing projects. They hope to have a new part time administrative assistant soon.

All this means there is hope for improvement and now is a good time to send in ideas about local projects. For example, there would be value in surveying the whole Gonamena valley area.

Election of committee members and officers

The meeting elected that existing committee members and officers to continue in their roles, with the exception of Howard Jones who has decided to resign from the committee.

Next meeting

Tuesday 2012-10-16 - To be chaired by PNJ.

[Subsequently cancelled - next meeting is now 2012-11-20]

Event planning should be on the agenda. Also we should discuss how to integrate better with Village Hall activity.


This document is maintained by members of the Darite community. Comments are always welcome and should be addressed to heritage at darite dot org dot uk.
  1. PNJ, 2012-11-16. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting. Additional commentary added in square brackets [thus].
  2. PNJ, 2013-01-08. Register approval at the meeting on 2012-11-20.

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