Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Darite village hall on 2012-02-13 at 20:00. Readership is public. This document was approved at the meeting of 2013-05-08.

Peter Jackson (Chair)
Martin Shead
Debbie Rowan
Alan Silverstone
Michael Foreman
Rebecca Ross
Sherry Foreman

Minutes and matters arising

Minutes from the meeting on 2013-01-09 were accepted.

Actions carried forward from these minutes are:

MS to fix date of Balsalm weekend with Derris.
PNJ to investigate bat detectors and moth traps.
PNJ to investigate finding a bat expert for the June event.
MS to fix a date for springwatch event with Lisa Townsend.

Owl event

DR has spoken with Brian Hooper who is willing to give a talk with some owls present for people to observe or handle.

The proposed date for this is Saturday afternoon, 2013-05-11.

From the interest this raises we can see about scheduling a further outdoor event, which Brian is willing to lead.

Action: DR to confirm the date with Brian Hooper. Also to find out how long the session would be, what he will charge, what practical preparations are needed and whether we should limit numbers.

Action: MS to discuss school involvement with Lisa Townsend and Emma Mullis once we know the allowed numbers.

Nearer the time, we should ask specific people to be available to supervise children.


  1. On 2013-02-02 PNJ attended a training session about reporting the condition of ancient monuments. This was given by Ann Preston Jones of English Heritage. The day included visits to Tokenbury, Trethevy Quoit, Wheal Jenkin, Longstone Cross and nearby bronze age sites.

    Noted the poor condition of the Trethevy Quoit field, which is of some concern.

  2. PNJ visited the dressing floor * on 2013-02-13 with Steve Wood (CHAHP), Andy Robinson (CHAHP), Tony Bolitho and Colin Buck (archaeologist). The agreed intention was that new fencing would be installed along Tony's side of the stream, that the public footpath should be rerouted to enter the valley at the gate, that the broken stream wall would be suitably repaired and that some sort of kerb should be built to prevent further degradation at the edges of the cobbled area.

    The stream wall can be repaired without involving too much heavy equipment. Possible approaches to that might be to use old tyres which are filled with material on site or something involving concrete posts. In either case the barrier is then faced with local stone and soil so that it blends in.

    As this plan progresses, we need to make sure it is well communicated around the village and feedback gathered. Perhaps a consultation evening.

    * MF commented that the formal name of the dressing floor is "Spalling floor".


PNJ suggested a brief review of our medium and long term objectives, in part so that we know what assets to acquire.

Other groups tend to be focussed on history or natural history. Our group tends to be focussed on events but that doesn't always have to be the case. For example, we could do some work to document the history of the village hall.

MS suggested we could gather more material to make an exhibition.

We are currently restricted by low numbers, which may improve as we progress. Also we could do more to involve the school by utilising Lisa Townsend and Emma Mullis as liason. The latter may have more bandwidth for us.

The school has done historical projects in the past for which they may still have material.

If we revive the display board project it would now be after the hall refurbishment.

The school is potentially a major focus for any educational activity we run.

We might be able to do some work on the local footpaths with the right sort of liason, but it could be a significant overhead for us so we probably won't approach it this year.

It would be worth us applying for a portable projector as an asset.

Next meeting

Wednesday 2013-03-13, 20:00 - To be chaired by PNJ.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 21:02.


This document is maintained by members of the Darite community. Comments are always welcome and should be addressed to heritage at darite dot org dot uk.
  1. PNJ, 2013-03-13. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting.
  2. PNJ, 2013-05-12. Noted approval at meeting of 2013-05-08.

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