Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Darite village hall on 2013-06-12 at 20:00 BST. Readership is public. This document was approved at the meeting on 2013-07-17.

Peter Jackson (Chair)
Martin Shead
Debbie Rowan
Alan Silverstone
Rebecca Ross

Minutes and matters arising

Minutes from 2013-05-08 were accepted without modification.

Owl event feedback

The event was successful and enjoyed by the attendees, several of whom were not often seen at village events. The children who came were very interested and interactive with the owls and the owl owners said that they themselves enjoyed the interaction and don't always get that degree of interest. They would come here again if asked.

There was a vote of thanks to Debbie for her work in liasing and arranging the event.

Action: Debbie agreed to write to Brian Hooper and his colleagues on our behalf to reinforce our thanks and appreciation of their efforts on the day.

We made £20.30 from catering at the event.

Liason with the school

Communication with the school is quite difficult because the key contacts are always very busy. The reason we care is that we believe that we and the school have overlapping interests that could be mutually beneficial. We may be able to help with wildlife, history or other educational projects and the school's own researches may be of interest to us.

Martin usually uses Lisa T or Emma M on PTA.
Howard is a Governor.

Action: PNJ to communicate with head teacher about best channel for liason.

Bat and Moth event

Martin has made flyers and posters.

Michael is distributing the Flyers. They will be distributed in the village and Martin will check with him about who is doing Common Moor.

Mark will put up the posters in Common Moor, Trethevy, Tremar, Crows and St Cleer.

Martin will put up the ones in the village. Becky can put posters up in Minions. We expect to do this the next 7 days or so.

For food, we have some burgers left from the Summer Fayre. We plan to cater for about 60 people, which is on a similar scale to the Fish Barbecue.

60 burgers. Sausages. Veg burgers. Buns in 24s. Onions.

Action: Debbie to investigate more petty cash and/or a cash withdrawal card.

Check on our resources for laminated information sheets.
Torches - Power supply.

Action: PNJ to further liase with Jen, Mary and Tony about logistics for the event.

CHAHP news

There will be a meeting on 2013-06-18 at Wheal Tor to discuss a legacy organisation to take over from the CHAHP as a hub to support the local groups that have been established. It could centralise provision of things like insurance, expertise on fund raising and provide a focus for groups to intercommunicate and pool resources and expertise. It could also be a liason point between the groups and other entities such as English Heritage, Landowners and Commoners.

There are several options about the form such an organisation might take and the meeting will partly be to discuss that and partly to identify requirements, gauge interest and see who would be willing to volunteer effort to maintain it.

Alan and PNJ will attend the meeting.

Darite Heritage roles

Michael and Sherry resigned after last month's meeting. We are now down to the smallest committee size allowed by the constitution and should be looking for new members who might be willing to serve. We should also be aware that the constitution says that officer roles should be changed after 3 years, which is intended to ensure that expertise is spread and there is no single point of failure.

In future we could try to build a stronger nucleus and improve our connections with other groups.

Next meeting

Wednesday 2013-07-17, 19:30 BST, to be chaired by PNJ. The date is a week later than usual to avoid collision with the Village Hall AGM.


We discussed the forthcoming public meeting to be held about local planning on 2013-06-14.

Alan will attend and will report back, Martin may also attend.

Action summary


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  1. PNJ, 2013-06-24. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting.

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