Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Darite village hall on 2013-08-14 at 20:00 BST. Readership is public. This document was approved by the meeting on 2013-09-11.

Peter Jackson (Chair)
Martin Shead
Debbie Rowan
Guests: David Lyne Heather Lyne
Rebecca Ross
Alan Silverstone

Minutes and matters arising

Minutes from 2013-07-17 were accepted without modification.

CHAHP news

PNJ and MS described the outcome last CHAHP legacy group meeting. It spent much of its time discussing what legal framework it should adopt. The role of this group would be to provide operational support to the network of organisations that have been formed under the CHAHP but may not all be sustainable without additional cohesion. The proposed legacy group could provide a substitute for the larger scale communication, infrastructure and access to expertise that the CHAHP currently provides.

The next meeting of the group is intended to produce a list of objectives for its constitution.

The other news of major interest continues to be the forthcoming Hurlers archaeological survey taking place during the week beginning 2013-09-16.

AGM plan

To raise the profile of Darite Heritage in the village and attract interest and possible new members we plan to have an exhibition in the hall on Saturday 2013-09-28 and the formal AGM during that time.

PNJ will obtain display boards for posters.

Rather than a presentation last like time(s), PNJ will produce a slide show incorporating that information for people to see.

We will provide food and beverages at normal prices. Scones by RR and cakes by DR.

Exhibit historical and natural history artefacts.

Organise a photographic competition aimed largely at children for images of a heritage theme, with winners announced at the AGM.

Judging to be done by Julia and perhaps Iain Rowe. Prizes to be decided - perhaps a book token.

Photographs to be submitted by 2013-09-23. We'll probably have 3 classes of winner depending on the demographics of the entrants.

Prepare advertising at the end of August, ready for satchel drop after school term starts after 2013-09-09 (we think). We hope we can engage the interest of school staff as well.

PNJ to talk to Jen about exhibiting at our AGM, with the moth and bat material.

Posters to indicate What is happening. Heritage and wildlife exhibition. Competition results, AGM. Distributed to the same places as we distribute village publicity.

Possible subjects in the exhibition:

[Since this meeting, PNJ, RR and MS met on 2013-09-03 to discuss the publicity but ended up substantially modifying the plan and the AGM date. See these notes for details.

Balsalm weekend

This was pencilled in for 2013-09-07, but we don't know if it is happening. We decided not to pursue this unless we hear otherwise.

But we did comment that we know of areas of infestation besides what's at Tremar.

Next meeting

Wednesday 2013-09-11, 20:00 BST, to be chaired by PNJ.


We discussed an event about fungi and agreed that the thing to do will be to attend the nearest event later in the year.

The meeting closed at 21:13 BST.

Action summary


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  1. PNJ, 2013-09-05. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting.

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