Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Kel Dowr on 2014-02-13 at 19:00. Readership is public. This document was approved by the committee on 2014-04-10.

Peter Jackson (Chair)
Debbie Rowan
Rebecca Ross
Alan Silverstone
Julia Chalmers
Martin Shead

Minutes and matters arising

Minutes from 2014-01-08 weren't formally accepted because most members hadn't had time to read them. This was deferred to the next meeting.

Feedback from quiz night

Quiz night was not as well atended as last time. Reasons might be: It was decided that:

A date of 2014-06-28 was proposed for another quiz night. We should endeavour to get people to register teams in advance so that we can plan the evening accordingly. The hall refurbishment plans may affect this date.

Treasure hunt

This is intended to be a family style event.

Work that's needed to prepare for the event:

The outcome of this will be that entrants meet in the hall, sign an entry form and are informed about any risks or hazzards that we know about. We may have people stationed at key points on the route to ensure safety.

Becky has spoken to several people about the event and we might expect about 10 groups of participants.

The start time would be 12:00 and finish by 17:00.

We might consider doing a barbecue that evening.

Publicity for the event would be aimed at Darite, St Cleer, Common Moor and Crows Nest.

Next meeting

Thursday 2014-03-13-19:00 at Kel Dowr. To be chaired by PNJ.



Action summary

  1. DR to clarify the accounts published in the 2013-02-26 Minutes.
  2. DR to find out a good time for the Owl event.
  3. JC to continue planning the treasure hunt.
  4. PNJ to publish competition description on the web site.


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  1. PNJ, 2014-03-11. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting.

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