Darite Heritage committee,

Minutes of the Darite Heritage committee meeting held at Kel Dowr on 2014-03-13 at 19:00. Readership is public. This document was approved by the committee on 2014-04-10.

Peter Jackson (Chair)
Debbie Rowan
Rebecca Ross
Alan Silverstone
Julia Chalmers
Martin Shead

Apologies, Minutes and matters arising

For the next few months, Martin will not usually attend committee meetings so that he can concentrate on the Village Hall refurbishment project.

Acceptance of Minutes was again deferred until committee members had a chance to read them.

The query over Heritage funds will be resolved by a Treasurer's Report which will be discussed at the next meeting.

DR has found out about Owl availability. See Forthcoming events below.

The photograpic competition announcement has not yet been prepared. It was agreed that we should make target dates for entries linked to Village Hall events where the winners can be announced.

CHP news

PNJ reported on the CHAHP event on 2014-03-08, which marks the end of the CHAHP. The Caradon Heritage Partnership (CHP) continues as a forum for local heritage organisations. It manages some assets derived from the CHAHP such as the web site, 'phone applications and some physical records. PNJ attends CHP meetings and is its current secretary. See CHP.CARADON.ORG.UK for Minutes of their meetings.

The CHAHP is currently the subject of an evaluation by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The evaluators have commented informally on the success of the project in producing sustainable organisations to carry on its work.

There had been an intention for the CHP to take out an insurance policy covering all its member organisations, but that has proved to be impractical. The current approach is to try to negotiate a discount on suitable policies which the individual member organisations could use.

AS said that at least one Village Hall organisation he knows about has an insurance policy that covers any group activities affiliated in some way to the hall. It may be possible to arrange for the Darite Village Hall insurance policy to be similar. Alan agreed to find out the details through his contacts and to find out about the current Village Hall policy and how it may change after the refurbishment project.
Action: AS.

Forthcoming events


DR has spoken with Brian Hooper. He has now closed the Owl Sanctuary and only has 3 owls remaining. There would be no constraints in terms of nesting times for him to bring these to the village.

We agreed to suggest a specific date based on harmonising with Village Hall event plans.

Treasure hunt

The process of obtaining permissions for the event is seeming like an obstacle and we need more clarity of understanding of what's required. Special attention will be needed to ensure that dogs are properly controlled if they take part in the event.

We will also need to manage the disclaimer correctly.

Action: PNJ to seek advice from IR about the best way to approach communication with landowners and commoners.

Next meeting

Thursday 2014-04-10-19:00 BST at Kel Dowr. To be chaired by PNJ.

Action summary

  1. DR to present Treasurer's report at the next committee meeting.
  2. AS to find out about insurance and report at the next meeting.
  3. DR/All propose an Owl event date based on Hall plans.
  4. PNJ to discuss permissions process with IR.
  5. PNJ to publish competition description on the web site.


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  1. PNJ, 2014-03-14. Transcribed from notes made at the meeting.

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