2013 Photographic competition

In October 2013, we ran a photographic competition, open to people under the age of 18. Here are the results.

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By Abbie Palmer, Age 13.
Abbie writes: "I like this photo because it has a beautiful scenery and is unusual."
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By Asia Brown, Age 8.
Taken whilst walking near Cheesewring on a Sunday afternoon in October.
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By David Jones, Age 13.
David writes: "My entry is of the old railway line track through the autumn woods in the valley between Darite and Crows Nest, which I took last weekend when I was walking my dog."
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By Ellie Webb, Age 11.
Heather Flowers, taken near Minions for the Darite Heritage Photographic competition.
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By Finlay Ross, Age 10.
Finlay writes: "I have sent my picture which is of natural things I have collected in the local area. It is my favourite time of year as there are lots of seeds which are colourful and shiny."
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By Gregor Ross, Age 8.
Gregor writes: "This is one of my favourite places where I enjoy walking my dogs. We call it Fairy Lane and it is a special place."
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By Harvey Mullis, Age 8.
Harvey writes: "I have taken some photos of our dog Sunny and her puppy Breezy. They have great fun on the moors, swimming and chasing rabbits."
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By Sadie Mullis, Age 10.
Sadie writes: "I took these photos whilst riding over the moors close to our home. I love exploring the paths around the old mines in all weathers. On a clear day it feels like you are on top of the world!"

Our judges enjoyed reviewing all of the entries and it wasn't easy to choose the winners. But in the end we decided that first prize goes to Harvey Mullis for his striking action photograph at the Gonamena pool. Harvey receives a framed copy of his winning image.

Runners up were Asia Brown, with her moorland engine house picture and Finlay Ross with his autumnal fruits. Both receive mugs embossed with their images.

We say "well done!" to all who entered and we'd like to do this again in the coming months, so do keep your eyes open for interesting subjects you'd like to photograph.


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