Projects and events

Projects and events organised by Darite Heritage and other local organisations. If you have ideas for projects or activities you'd like then please contact us. THIS DOCUMENT IS NOW OBSOLETE Please go here for links to its replacements.

Forthcoming events

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, 2012-09-18, 19:30BST at Darite village hall

The Darite Heritage AGM - a chance to meet with members, discuss our activities and ideas for the future. There will be a short formal section to this meeting when we (re)elect committee members. The Village People exhibition will be on display here too - your last chance to see it!

South Caradon Mine

Wednesday, 2012-09-19, 10:00 - 13:00 BST, Minions Post Office

CHAHP Project Officer Iain Rowe (in association with the Southeast Cornwall Walking Festival). Find out about this fascinating site which has more legal protection than Stonehenge due to a unique ecology which has been shaped by what was once one of Cornwall s greatest mines. Learn also about the CHAHP funded stabilisation work. Wear stout footwear & bring waterproofs, some steep and slippery traverses.

John Harris birthday festival

Sunday 2012-10-14, 15:00 BST, Public Hall, Liskeard

Folk opera, recitations, songs. Tickets £7.00, which includes a Cornish cream tea, are available from Stuart House. On 2012-10-09 until 2012-10-19 there is a John Harris exhibition at Stuart House.

Family history for free

Monday, 2012-10-22, 19:30 BST, Cheesewring Hotel, Minions

A presentation by Iain Rowe organised by the Linkinhorne History Group.

Underground in the cornish mines

Wednesday, 2012-10-31, 19:30 at Millenium House, Pensilva

Organised by the Pensilva History Group.

An illustrated talk by Dave Warne of the Trevithick Society. Dave has many photographs of what its like today underground in our Cornish mines. A donation of £1 is requested from non-members of the Pensilva History Group.

Hedge week

2012-10-29 thru 2012-11-04

Booking is essential for all Hedge Week events. Contact Jane Uglow at 015 7936 2350 or mail juglow at


Projects that we are engaged in.

Display board

This is being organised in conjunction with the primary school.

The plan is for boards to be mounted on the western facing wall of the village hall. One part will be an illustrated map of the local area made by the school children. Next to it will be an OS map showing visitors where the illustrated features can be found.

Past events

Notes about previous events can be found here.


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